6th November 2020

担当:足達 嘉信(鹿島建設)

【Airport Room Session】

1.CAD2BIM Migration
2.Airport IFC Project
3.Data Security Workshop
4.Airport Digital Twin

【Building Room Session】

1.Introduction and Roadmap
2.Facilities Management
3.Occupant Movement Analysis
4.Projects Update: Energy, Spatial Zone, Model based Simulation
5.Steel Construction
6.IFC4Lab Laboratory Planning

【Construction Room Session】

1.Smart 4D and 5D Planning and Progress Monitoring process
2.Requests for Open CDE from a construction company 3.BIM to Field

【Infrastructure Room Session】

2.IFC4.3 Infra Extension Deployment Project
3.IFC Tunnel Project
4.IFC Ports & Waterways

【Product Room Session】

1.Object Model Views and Digital Construction standards
2.bSDD Use Cases: Life Cycle Analysis
3.Generic Data-Model Building & Construction
4.Digital Supply Chain

【Railway Room Session】

1.IFC Rail Phase 2

【Regulatory  Room Session】

2.Show and Tell
3.Digital Twins and Regulation

【Regulatory  Room Session】

1.Current Initiatives
2.New Horizons and Related Efforts
3.Future Directions